Why Accredited Investors are the Best Kind of Leads

Best ways to approach them

The strategy to generate accredited investor leads is not biased. Some of the most successful advisors we have seen win business by a sound process, differentiation and knowledge of pain points that keep these wealthy individuals awake at night. We have seen advisors with different age ranges, from young to old win affluent clients by knowing more than their competitor, being confident and having the resources available to reveal an answer when they do not know it.

Once these advisors understand what the wealthy need, they will attract much more business through referrals and introductions. We highlighted some of the major pain points advisors need to understand in order to approach the wealthy with. Ensure you are familiar with what the SEC defines an accredited investor as.

In our experience as former advisors and conversations with high net worth wealth managers, accredited individuals or businesses leverage money obtain more time and are looking for more unique ways to do that. Contacting these individuals requires that you have the mindset and willingness to bring absolute value to their pain points and problems.

Assist Them In Leveraging Resources

We believe this is a very under served approach. Ask yourself how many times you have come across a prospect or client hesitant to hand over their statements or disclose their financials. Now think about when they need to borrow, take a mortgage, guarantee a business loan, etc. They hand over their statements without batting an eye. Leading with lending is a great approach when you are looking for a different way to get your foot in the door with an accredited individual.

Banks and financial institutions are more apt to lend to those that have demonstrated financial knowledge and have the assets to support it. Many of the greatest business minds, entrepreneurs and real estate investors have used this method to create more opportunity and wealth for themselves and their businesses.

To the accredited investor, borrowing or leveraging comes in many different forms. It is not limited to just money but also to:


We all have 24 hours in a day, and many will willingly leverage money to delegate a task. The wealthy know they are not experts of everything and outsource the tasks that do not align with their “hourly rate”. This is the rate that they peg to themselves and anything else should be delegated to someone else. This is where a knowledgeable private wealth advisor and their team can leverage their expertise, knowledge and insight to win more opportunities. Accredited investor leads are critical on time and understand that this is their most precious asset.


Similar to the Odegee platform, automating a process with technology can save many hours so that they can focus on building wealth. The introduction and implementation of different types of technological automation helps create life’s most precious asset, which is time. Introduce the technology your firm leverages and how it simplifies their lives. Even the larger firms are beginning to invest HEAVILY in their technology platforms and you may already be ahead of them.


Having a team of trusted professionals and contacts to help resolve a situation or pursue additional wealth. Demonstrate you are capable and willing to solve ANY problem your prospect has. Be a Family Office to each and every one of them with high touch points and service. Be their ally and best source of information and the conversations will hardly touch market or portfolio performance.


The ability to leverage specialists and those that are experts in a particular field so that the accredited investor can coordinate and scale their wealth. These people should already be in your team (or added to it). Demonstrating you have the knowledge and people on your side to solve a problem lets the prospect know that you are taking their problems as if they are your own. This is the type of person I will always choose.

Research To Uncover Accredited Investor Leads & Opportunity

This should go without saying but is not practiced enough. Whether you have been in Wealth Management for decades or just starting out, the difference between a successful initial outreach and meeting is the information you have about the prospect.

There is absolutely no reason to shoot blindly at accredited investor leads without knowing some facts. We are not saying to spend hours and hours researching every little detail as the prospect may just not be interested. We are saying that you should have a process to pull the right information from multiple sources at once.

LinkedIn is a great place to start but may not contain all the information you need (this requires the prospect have a profile). Other social media platforms are great as well and we encourage seeing if there are any connections, common hobbies or interests that will turn a cold outreach into a warm one.

Be Alerted To Accredited Investor Lead Events

Set triggers that alert you when a prospect has an event that may require him or her to take action. Many advisors do not leverage this right and end up puttering along endlessly on LinkedIn or some other social media source scouring for opportunities.

Having, knowing and being knowledgeable in the type of event will put you ahead of your competition, no matter when you get in touch with the prospect. Not only that, but you will have demonstrated a higher level of understanding and professionalism having this information at hand.

Google Alerts

Google alerts are great but are generally unpredictable and require that the prospects name be published by an article to trigger the alert. However, it is a great tool to have nonetheless.

The best thing about this is that you can get VERY specific with your requests and alerts. Chances are very few of your competitors have these events triggered which means you get the chance to be one of the first to reach out to the accredited investor.

Mass Layoffs

Money in motion will require the prospect to take action. In New York, the Department of Labor requires companies that lay off 25 or more employees if their company has 50 or more in it. This gives you an early in to those that will definitely need financial guidance.

Search LinkedIn for people that work at these companies and contact them with a warm, non-invasive note explaining how you work with some of their colleagues and to keep you in mind if they need help. List off some items they should be thinking about when exiting a job non-voluntarily.

Accredited Investor Leads Service

We have used a few different “accredited investor lead-services” and have mixed reviews about them. The quality of the information varies greatly. Some charge per lead and have different levels of that lead. For example, you can purchase a “shared lead” in which your competition will also receive it or it can be “exclusive” in which you are the “only one” that receives it. Of course, there is no guarantee either way.

Qualification is an entirely different conversation but the most important. These qualifications standards vary when discovering interest in these accredited investors. Some may ask a standard set of questions about the prospects situation, investable assets, etc. Others it may be a very general “looking for an advisor” contact.

We believe when you are investigating such service, that you are aware of the expectations of these services. In our opinion, it is best to have a constant flow of opportunities in which you can apply your process, experience and team to.

Data Aggregation Service

Odegee brings the data and accredited investor leads to an easy to use platform that you can use to drive growth. The pipeline building process is a necessity, no matter how you do it!

If you target accredited individuals, high net worth individuals and corporate executives, give Odegee the opportunity to earn your business and become part of your process. Leverage our technology and platform to scale the advisory practice you envision.

Questions to ask accredited investor leads

This is actually a misleading title. Yes, you will have to ask GREAT questions to the prospect but you want them to “Tell You” about it. Rephrase your questions into “tell me about what you are doing about ….”

This gives them the opportunity to open up about their situation and allow you to take detailed notes. It will also allow them to think about their situation and if they are even in the right one. Accredited investors want to always ensure they are in the best possible situation or at the least give you the opportunity to earn a portion of their business.

We will be putting together another post about GREAT questions you should ask but this could give you some ideas to get started.

  • Tell me how you are heading the new tax laws for your stock options
  • Tell me about how you are planning your estate
  • Tell me about some markets you are interested in
  • Tell me what kind of concerns you have about the economic environment we are in