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The Odegee High Net Worth Platform For Financial Professionals is the solution to find new high net worth targets and deliver the value and service you have come to build.

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Improve Your Prospecting Process

As a financial advisor, you are most likely accustomed to using a client relationship management software to log all of your activity, conversations and prospects. The reality of the situation is you need a better process to develop and harness leads for your practice. As the industry shifts and sees continual disruption from other sources of technology, it is critical you have information at hand that is going to help you win more business.

Prospect pipeline

Let the pipeline come to you

Our history as former financial advisors made prospecting and pipeline building painful. Between the major CRM's provided by larger firms, it has become overwhelming clunky and tedious to upload prospects. We not only deliver the pipeline to you but sharpen your prospecting process. Think of what a 7-15% increase in meetings and closed business could mean for you and your book of business. Odegee is quickly becoming the lead management platform for the financial services industry.

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Grow assets under management

Our users have experienced on average - $3 million of additional assets won by targeting opportunities within the Odegee platform. As former advisors, we know that information is the driving force behind your practice. Knowing events as they happen real time provides endless opportunity at your fingertips. Target smarter and more efficiently with the Odegee platform.

Lead with data

Evolving technology

The Odegee platform is constantly evolving to meet the needs and demands of Financial Advisors. With expanding competition and vertical integration, you need to have powerful tools at hand to stay ahead of your competition. The Odegee platform is built with 1 user in mind, the Financial Advisor and their team.

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Keep your advisors

Improve Retention of New Advisors

Firms that have a trainee program generally experience high amounts of turnover due to hurdles not being met. Once these trainees are out of the licensing stage, every minute towards prospecting is CRITICAL to their success. Odegee improves the retention rate due to missed hurdles.

The Lead Management Platform That Becomes Your Partner

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Benefits of the Odegee Lead Management Platform

Asset and new client growth, faster

National Data

Data to support local and national growth. Whether you are focusing on a certain region, company or prospect net worth size, our data can help steer you in the right direction.

Powerful Technology Growth

The Odegee platform is constantly evolving to meet and exceed the needs of financial advisors. The lead management platform continues to grow with you and your practice.

The Ability To Scale Quicker

Our data, intelligence and ideas help shorten the sales cycle from initial contact to signing of documents. With firms steering towards acquisition and growth, you need every edge you can get.

Asset and New Client Growth

Our users are able to accomplish daily prospecting through our lead management platform more efficiently than putting lists and prospects together themselves.


How Can Real-Time Data & Intelligence Improve Your Book?

Make the most out of your prospecting efforts

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