The Way Financial Professionals Acquire New Clients

The world is moving faster and your prospects expect you know about them before even picking up the phone.

We have you covered.

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Platform Designed To Acquire Affluent Prospects

Odegee takes the the heavy lifting out of your prospecting efforts by leveraging data, intelligence and machine learning to help identify and market to high net worth prospects and their needs.

Our prospecting format and strategy helps you get in front in an increasingly competitive environment.

High Net Worth Platform For Advisors

Learn prospect moves real-time

Accurate, real-time data delivered to you securely so you can focus on keeping your prospecting methods and markets private and effective.

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Timing Is Everything

Used by advisors on the Forbes 250 list, we do all the legwork to deliver prospects that fit your team and minimum.

Along with that prospect comes a "playbook" for you to follow by leveraging your teams and firms resources. Proactively predict prospect needs before they need them.


Take it on the go or use it during your prospecting hours.


We help customize who you want to target and get those delivered daily.

Get Updates

If one of your prospects makes a move, you are the first to know

Evolving Technology

Our platform and data gathering grows with you which provides new opportunities.

Grow Assets

Better data means more successful opportunities to grow your A.U.M.


We treat you the way you treat your clients. Responsive, dedicated and here for you.

Detailed & Real-Time Information Built For You to Win More Assets

Data and Intelligence to target high net worth prospects with financially triggering events

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